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Banbury Old Town Association

Banbury Old Town is an area of the famous market town steeped in history and packed with independent shops.

Banbury Old Town Association is not only a group of traders, but an area the believes in the Big Community, It not only provides an excellent place for shopping and socialising, but also hosts community events.

Banbury Old Town AssociationThe association was founded to provide a greater sense of community in Banbury and by various community events highlight the varied and interesting independent business within the Banbury Town area.

There are so many events that happen throughout the year in the town, such as the Town Criers Competition, Canal Day, Hobby Horse Festival and of course the Old Town Party which celebrates Banbury’s historic part of the town with free family fun!

Banbury Old Town Association formed back in 2009 and is made up of independent businesses from retail, hospitality, health & beauty, service and office sectors.

What Do We Do?

Our aim is to make a Banbury a better town in six ways:

● To bring together independent traders to engender a sense of community and support them by keeping them informed of anything happening in the town that will effect their business and to create social events so that traders can meet and talk. An open forum for discussing trade and what can be done to help it. (Events such as The Old Town Party, Independent Retailer Month etc)

● To widen the community by creating public events and initiatives that help bring people back into the town and enjoy their shopping experience. The aim is to show people the diversity of the town and that it is a great place to shop and socialise.

● To liaise with local authorities, to pass on trader concerns, help create initiatives and work alongside local and county wide government to improve the town.

● To support events in the local area as a group church carol concert/hobbyhorse day etc so that we are recognised as a community organisation and not just about increasing sales.

● To be a one-stop point of call for the local press/media so we can raise awareness of the town.

● To promote the town and its independent shops via social media (Twitter & Facebook) and from this website.


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